About us

We are funding specialists for businesses

Experienced and accredited  professionals providing solutions for businesses:

Helping businesses raise finance;  assisting in strategic Growth and Diversification and International trading matters.

With many years of hands on experience in running various businesses, both nationally and internationally, we have the knowledge, ability and passion to provide you with the support that you really need.  We help you realise your vision by guiding you through your objectives! We have built strong relationships with over 400 funding sources, from commercial bank managers and directors, and private banks, to various providers of asset finance, Invoice Finance, stock finance, property finance , development finance, working capital, equity finance and turnaround and short term investors- covering as many  criteria’s and situations as your businesses may come across.

Under our Business Exchange we provide specialised contacts, both nationally and internationally,  whom we can put you in touch with, as an extension to our support to help you further your strategy and growth .

Our aim is to secure your success!

We are here to help other professionals too, such as  bankers, accountants and other consultants by working with them as a team to help provide a wide variety of solutions for their clients!